Joe Lieberman Is Hesitant To Call Nidal Malik Hasan A Terrorist—But Not Enough To Keep From Doing This Exact Thing


Now listen, Joe Lieberman doesn'twant to ascribe any motives to Nidal Malik Hasan. "It's premature to reach conclusions about what motivated him," Lieberman very reasonably said on some Fox News teevee something or other last night. But! But! Lieberman will say this: Hasan was a "self-radicalized, homegrown terrorist" who "had turned to Islamist extremism." He will say that.  Islamist extremism: or perhaps you might recognize it by its street name? "TERRORISM", also "bennies," "black beauties," "crystal," "Sy Hershey kisses," and "pep pills." Anyway, Lieberman intends to launch some congressional investigation, because that's what he does, and because that will get to the root of this terrorism once and for all. [The Hill]


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