Joe Lieberman Ruined By Barack Obama Cake In Bus Crash

Joe Lieberman Ruined By Barack Obama Cake In Bus Crash

More information has leaked about the Straight Talk Expressdestroying America's minivans in Miami on Wednesday, a.k.a. "The Monica Lewinsky Scandal." What of the bus passenger asshole Joe Lieberman, was he hurt in the crash? No, but he was attacked by a biracial cake: "A little more to that Miami traffic accident yesterday involving Joe Lieberman aboard the Straight Talk Express: Turns out the impact sent a staffer's chocolate birthday cake with thick white frosting smack into the Connecticut senator." EAT IT UP, GRAMPY.

The black and white cake will have your ass in January, Joe:

"At the moment of impact I was sitting in a booth ... right in front of counter right where the cake was. The cake went all over me. That was the end of my suit,'' he said, apologizing for the lack of suit for a taping of "Political Connections" on Bay News 9. "I always wondered whether sometime a political protester would hit me with a pie in the face. I never thought a friendly birthday cake would attack me from the rear."

My God, he is such a trollop:

"The fact is that iI have not changed. The Democratic party has changed from what it was under Bill Clinton, particularly on foreign policy, trade and economic policy,'' he also talked up his environmental credentials before hopping into a McCain volunteers black Hummer and heading to the next event.

"We're just Humming along. This campaign is Humming now,'' Lieberman said, brushing off our offer to check the tire pressure"

Birthday cake hurled onto Lieberman [St. Petersburg Times/The Buzz]


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