Joe Lieberman Slightly Less Popular Than Breast Cancer, 9/11


Stupid little bitch Joe Lieberman ismore popular (.pdf) than ever! "Raleigh, N.C. – Joe Lieberman’s actions on the health care bill antagonized constituents both for and against it, and in the wake of that he finds his approval rating at just 25% with 67% of voters in the state disapproving of him." Wow, who knew that 67% of Connecticut voters were dirty lying hippie Soviet blogger fags with no respect for honesty, truth, war, etc.? Surely among very actual Serious people, the Centrists and Independents, he must remain popular. He got rid of like nine versions of the public option, which was never popular among any Americans, after all.

yo mama:

Lieberman has hit a low point with Democrats usually reserved for Republican politicians, with 81% of them disapproving of him to just 14% happy with his performance. Republicans give him bad marks by a 48/39 margin and independents do so by a 61/32 spread.

It’s clear that his actions on the Senate health care bill have made a large contribution to his falling popularity. 68% of voters say they disagree with how he handled the issue to just 19% giving him support. Among people who support the health care bill 84% say they disapprove of Lieberman’s actions but even among those opposed to the initiative 52% say they disagree with how Lieberman handled himself.

How cute of you, Connecticut voters, pretending that you won't obviously re-elect Joe Lieberman in 2012.

[Public Policy Polling -- .pdf]


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