Joe Lieberman Threatened With Scary Rat Balloon

An angry Connecticut Democrat says that he will rent a very large floating rat and display it outside the XCel Energy Center in St. Paul if Joe Lieberman decides to attend the Republican National Convention, which he hasn't been invited to. This angry guy, Ed Anderson, says he is "ready to apply for permits" and everything, which is tantamount toimminent violence.

Anderson helped start the Web site, so he has apparently not liked Joe Lieberman for quite some time -- just like the rest of America. This gentleman will now rent a rat like the unions use to shame picket-line crossers, and when Joe Lieberman goes to the Republican convention he will look up in the sky and say, "Oh look, they made a parade for me."

A 'big rat' may greet Lieberman at GOP convention [Stamford Advocate]


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