Joe Manchin And Kyrsten Sinema Being Dicks About Totally Different Things, So That's Fun For Everyone

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Joe Manchin And Kyrsten Sinema Being Dicks About Totally Different Things, So That's Fun For Everyone

Time for your update on how Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are being a total pain in the ass and threatening the president's ability to get his Build Back Better Act passed through reconciliation. Since all this comes from Politico Playbook, we will write it like an unserious gossip columnist and not a journalist.

OK SO! People seem to know what Joe Manchin wants, because he yaps about what he wants a whole lot. But Kyrsten Sinema reportedly says to her own colleagues that "I'm not going to share with you or with Schumer or with Pelosi" what she wants in this legislation. What is she, a senator or something?

"I have already told the White House what I am willing to do and what I'm not willing to do. I'm not mysterious. It's not that I can't make up my mind. I communicated it to them in detail. They just don't like what they're hearing."

Christ, what an asshole.

The point, Playbook says, is that Manchin and Sinema are absolutely being dicks about the policies they want in the bill, but they are being dicks about different things.

Sinema is reportedly being a dick about drug pricing reform. (Playbook has referred to Sinema as being part of the "PhRMA Caucus.") According to this article, Sinema supports the idea of drug prices being lower, but apparently isn't into any ideas for doing that. Playbook explains that the "most robust" way involves letting Medicare negotiate drug prices, which would "bring in some $800 billion of revenue at the expense of the pharmaceutical industry." This is VERY POPULAR, but apparently Sinema is performative thumbs down about that.

Joe Manchin, on the other hand? He's apparently OK with going big or going home on the drug pricing, at least to whatever extent that means for Joe Manchin. (He lives on a houseboat, so should we say "Go big or go houseboat"? We are just wondering.)

Anyway, Manchin, however, is being a dick about some other things. For instance, he wants to put a tax on opioids, which apparently ain't gonna work for Sinema or her PhRMA buddies:

[Manchin is] insisting on including his own pet plan to tax prescription opioids — a tax vehemently opposed by Sinema's allies at PhRMA and one that would dilute the Democrats's prescription drug pricing plan. So far, the White House has not been able to convince Manchin to drop his opioid tax idea.

They disagree on that, they disagree on climate shit, they just disagree on all of it. And whose opinions matter the most about all of this? Both of theirs because neither was apparently ever told "no" as a child.

"And here's where Manchin is really driving his colleagues crazy," says Playbook in bold, because apparently he's driving them really crazy. Surprise, it's about him being a dead-end coal loser.

There are tens of thousands of coal jobs in West Virginia that are going to disappear as the economy transitions to clean energy. But when Democrats have proposed expensive programs to subsidize those workers' income as they find new jobs, Manchin, we're told, "rejected it out of hand," calling the idea "welfare."

Christ, what an asshole.

So what the fuck with these useless clowns? That is what Playbook's source is asking. What the fuck you gonna do? These diva centrist shitheads acting like there's literally a constituency in American politics that prefers lawmakers who do absolutely nothing to make anyone's lives better, EVER, as long as they do it bipartisanly? Fuck is wrong with 'em? Fuck you gonna do?

Of course, Playbook's source didn't just say all those cusses just to hear themselves cuss like Wonkette does. Same general feeling though:

"So, like where the hell is the overlap?" the source close to Biden said of the "maddening" policy gap between the two centrists. "How do you land that?"

How you land that shit? What the fuck?

Somebody deliver two ponies and two bouncy houses to the Senate, we got a couple senators who think it's their fucking birthday.

The end.


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