Joe Paterno, Hero to Most

 When talking about the United States George Bush often says that it is “full of the most decent people on the face of the earth.” He usually keeps it vague. I mean, why pick favorites? There are so many decent people that can fit into that cliché: nurses, nannies, teachers, stooped caregivers for the indigent. But Speaking at Penn State Tuesday, he got specific for the first time in his presidency on the whole decent-face-of-the-earth question. Who would have guessed that a football coach leads the pack? “I tell you one thing about Joe Paterno,” said the President of the school’s beloved football coach. “There's no more decent fellow on the face of the Earth... A man who sets high standards, he loves his family, he loves this university, he loves his country, and my mother and dad love him.” Man, is Bono ever bummed.

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