Joe Rogan, Who Smeared LGBTQ Teachers As 'Groomers,' Shocked The Right Being Mean To His Gay Friend

Joe Rogan, Who Smeared LGBTQ Teachers As 'Groomers,' Shocked The Right Being Mean To His Gay Friend

Last week, Douchebro King Joe Rogan went on a big ol' rant about the term "groomers," in which he defended the right's use of the term as a smear against teachers who teach kids that LGBTQ people exist, and, lately, against all liberals in general. Because while he ranted for years about the supposed tendency of women to falsely accuse men of rape after simply "regretting" a consensual sexual encounter with them, it's just totally different when upstanding conservative citizens accuse teachers of "grooming" children for sexual abuse with literally no evidence whatsoever.

Rogan's belief is that the only reason liberals don't like it when people are accused of being child molesters without evidence is that they think it is okay for people to molest children.

Transcript via Mediaite:

ROGAN: And if you want to tell me that they’re the same thing, I say fuck you! Cause they’re not! Cause there’s a lot of fucking crazy people that wind up being teachers.

Someone said to me that, or I read this, not all – the term “groomer,” a lot of people don’t like that term online. They’re very upset. But they’re real. There are groomers. You don’t like it? Do you not like it because you don’t want children to be groomed, or do you not like it cause it’s a pejorative that’s used against the left? Which I think is more likely.

Here’s what’s more important — not have people groom your fucking kids. That’s what’s more important than you getting uncomfortable with this word because it’s used by people on the right.

Like I saw someone, as an argument, who I think is an intelligent person say that there should be a block against using the word “groomer.”

SAAD: Unbelievable.

ROGAN: No! No, there should be no groomers! How about that! This is what they wrote, they said, “Not all teachers are groomers, but a lot of groomers are teachers.” And that’s real! That’s a real fucking problem. I mean, constantly, teachers are getting arrested. For exposing themselves to children, for masturbating in front of children, for sending nude pictures in front of children. Every couple days there’s a new one that pops up in the news.
And how many of those people haven’t been caught yet? And how many of those people are out there? And how many of those people are doing it under the guise of “I’m an LGBTQ educator!'”

Yes, Joe. How many? Can you name one?

Because with the exact same amount of evidence he has, I could accuse former hosts of television shows about people eating bugs for money of doing terrible things like that. If we're just using our imaginations to make things up here, I could say anything. I have no way of knowing that Joe Rogan isn't doing the terrible things he's baselessly accusing unnamed teachers of doing. And if he thinks it's bad of me to say that, it must only be because he thinks child molestation is great. No possible other reason!

It feels necessary to point out that this logic started (in this decade anyway) with QAnon. The right learned from QAnon that it is entirely possible to have a brand new Satanic Panic without the awkward problem of "witnesses" who later retract their stories or keep coming up with new stories that are logistically impossible. They also learned that if you accuse someone of being a child molester or a group of people of being child molesters with literally no evidence whatsoever, a lot of people will believe you.

Rogan then insisted, again without any evidence at all, that teachers were trying to convince kids they are gay. He felt very bad for these imaginary children, saying this thing that does not happen is exactly as bad as trying to force gay kids to be straight, which does happen.

This all got a lot of attention last week, due to how awful it was. What did not get a lot of attention was that in that same episode, Rogan expressed shock that conservatives of all people would disparage his good conservative buddy Dave Rubin for being gay, instead of welcoming him with open arms.

Rubin, Rogan explained, used to be left wing, but is now "a right wing guy." Recently he had kids with his husband using a surrogate, and to Rogan's utter shock, conservatives did not like that and called it "Satanic," which is also one of the things they call "teaching kids that LGBTQ people exist."

Via Mediaite:

“I was watching, all these fucking vicious, right wing, ideologically captured people who were talking about how horrible they were and about this is rent a womb,” Rogan added. “And this is — they were talking about how it’s satanic and all this like sick shit.

”Wow,” Saad said.

Rogan continued, “Just shitting all over him and his husband for their — I guess there’s two children?”
“Two children. Exactly,” Saad added.

Rogan explained, “I’m like, man, imagine being that dude, and you know, you, you go over to that side and you think, you know, well, the right wing accepts me and he loves me. And it’s kind of a cool thing because I’m a gay guy, but I’m also conservative now and I’ve been red pilled.”

Yes, imagine joining a club full of people who don't want you as a member, who claim people like you want to molest children, and then being surprised when they say horrible things about you and the fact that you are now a parent. Golly gee, why on earth would people who listen to Joe Rogan, a man who literally just said he likes the "Don't Say Gay" bills because they will supposedly prevent LGBTQ teachers from "grooming" children for sexual abuse, a thing he imagines happens very often, think it is bad for Dave Rubin, a gay man, to have children of his own?

Did Joe Rogan think his friend was going to be the special exception? Did Dave Rubin think he was going to be the special exception? What did they think was going to happen here? Who does he think these people are?

Sure, conservatives love having the occasional gay person to point to so they can say "Look, there's a gay person, and even they agree with us! How can you say we're bigots when we are okay with this one gay person?" They do the same thing with a lot of people who aren't straight white men. But that doesn't mean those people get to be exceptions to the rule. Some may recall several years ago when several alt-right, anti-feminist, white supremacist women, like Lauren Southern and Tara McCarthy, were surprised to discover that many of their male compatriots wanted them to get back into the kitchen as well. They thought that by swallowing "the red pill" they would get a pass. They did not.

For people like Rogan, ratcheting up fear of LGBTQ people by claiming they are child molesters is just some fun rhetorical game they are playing to "totally own the libs" and go after the "woke mob" and they assume that those they are reaching think this way as well. They don't, and they've been pretty clear about that. Words have consequences, and sometimes they bite you, or people you care about, right in the ass.


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