Joe Scarborough Discovers 'Disgusting' Daily Caller Racism, Is Surprised (VIDEO)

We wonder who Joe Scarboroughis talking about here, when he calls out rightwing websites for being "beneath contempt" in their treatment of Trayvon Martin! (No we don't. He is talking about Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller.) Noting that the Daily Caller had breathlessly presented Trayvon Martin's Twitter feed as fodder for the poor oppressed whites of the world to note what a bad bad boy Trayvon Martin was, Scarborough practically throws up at the disingenuousness of presenting something so "innocuous ... I can show you a lot of white kids, from suburban neighborhoods ... come on." Then he goes on and on and on about some on the right (Tucker Carlson) being "disgusting, warped, twisted and distorted." Transcript and video of Joe Scarborough calling out Tucker Carlson for hurting America, after the jump.

Here, Tucker, here is just a tiny bit of what Joe Scarborough thinks of you now.

"Some out there are marginalizing themselves, making fools of themselves. I guess it's because the President actually said something to comfort the parents, and I guess they just can't handle that. I guess in their warped, twisted, distorted, political worldview, that makes this dead 17-year-old boy [...] I guess that makes it okay?"


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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