Joe the Plumber Tries Voting At Wrong Place

Joe the Plumber Tries Voting At Wrong Place

One of the seventy-thousand reasons John McCain has a1% chance of winning the presidency is a dumb tool who called himself "Joe the Plumber" and hoped to get fame and free welfare money as a result of telling a dumb lie to Barack Obama, when Barack Obama was campaigning in this man's neighborhood. Because he was a creepy looking mouth-breather who didn't pay his own bills and would get a tax cut under Obama and whose wife had left him to a life of unlicensed work at some other guy's plumbing business, the McCain campaign naturally decided -- in the last weeks of a tightening race -- to throw everything behind this unappealing character who represented nothing. And now Joe the Plumber's trying to vote illegally, too!

Wonkette operative "Tribe" reports from Ohio:

I'm an Obama inside observer in Toledo. Rumor has it, heard from other observers, that Joe the Plumber attempted to cast a ballot in the wrong precinct. Rumor also has it that he was stopped by a City of Toledo police officer in the last few days for speeding ... but Joe the Plumber insisted on the officer contacting the officer's supervisor to let him know "who he was giving a ticket to."

UPDATE: The Toledo Blade and Toledo police confirm the speeding part. This guy is such a dumb cunt!



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