"Joementum" Slacker Than Lieberman's Neck Twaddle; Lamont Landslide Likely?

joe_lieberman.jpgRemember the good old days for embattled Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn), when the fifty-term politician with the big heart from the little state bragged that he had his own special flavor of Walter Mondale's mesmerizing "Norwegian Charisma," something called "Joementum" that would help win the 2004 Democratic presidential nod and eventually become God-Emperor of Dune?

We don't either.

But we're happy to see Vinegar Joe behind in new polls to blogger-backed Ned Lamont, who's angling to win the Democratic primary and thus the Senate seat in Connecticut come this fall. That's not an endorsement of Lamont, who has all the zing of a mayonniase sandwich despite glamorous support from such modern-day Talleyrands as Barbra Streisand, Paul Newman, and Jackson "Boom Boom" Browne.

Back in 1999, Lieberman and good pal Bill Bennett gave Rupert Murdoch and Fox broadcast channel a "Silver Sewer Award" for demeaning American culture. "Orgasmic moans, incestuous leering, urinating for revenge--nothing seems too cheap or degrading to be played for a laugh," complained Lieberman of Fox shows. Or was he talking about Murdoch's recent nuptials to a woman 36 years younger than him? We can't remember that but we do remember Joe's attempt to clean up free TV at a time when we didn't have cable.


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