John Ashcroft's Saliva For Sale On eBay

John Ashcroft's Saliva For Sale On eBay

Once upon a time John Ashcroft was widely regarded as the worst Attorney General ever, until Alberto Gonzales came along and showed America what a truly terrible Attorney General looked like. And then the news came about Gonzales and some other henchmen going to visit Ashcroft on his deathbed to sign some thing or other, and Ashcroft was like, "Eat a dick, Al," which temporarily endeared him to the 400 Democrats who care about this stuff. The point is, some dude is auctioning off a glass that Ashcroft once drank out of ...and the contents are included.

Here's what this intrepid eBay seller wrote about his wonderful item:

This is not a joke. This is actually a glass of former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft's backwash.

He spoke at Knox College April 22 (Earth Day, of all days) and was a pretty big jerk to every one (including your humble seller). There is a YouTube video of him being mean to me, actually. My retort got more cheers than his, so if applause meters selected Attorneys General, I would be there right now.

[...] After he left, my friends and I attempted to regain our ability to reason after the vicious attack against humanity that spewed from that man's mouth, so we decided to play a little music in the theater where he spoke. You know, to channel that frustration into something productive.

And what do we find still sitting on the pedestal? John Ashcroft's glass, still with water and backwash in it (in one photo, you can see the water pitcher and glass on the pedestal during his talk).

[...] It is a few months old. I'm not sure how long backwash stays good. But on close inspection, the water is still clear. There is nothing growing anywhere. I think Ashcroft's saliva has a strong disinfectant in it that destroys all life. That would explain a few things.

And very little has evaporated, since it has been sealed with cling wrap and a rubber band and kept in a dark closet this whole time.


John Ashcroft's BACKWASH!! DNA of a war criminal!!! [eBay]


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