Ack! - Wonkette Jack Goldsmith is some guy who used to work at the DOJ, and so, natch, he's got a book coming out. It's called something like "Why I'm a Good Conservative and Not an Evil One" or something like that. The New York Times published an excerpt today, and OMG, is it boring? This is supposed to be the juiciest stuff from the forthcoming remainder-bin mold-gatherer, and all we get is this:

After a bit of silence, Goldsmith told me, Gonzales thanked Ashcroft, and he and Card walked out of the room. "At that moment," Goldsmith recalled, "Mrs. Ashcroft, who obviously couldn't believe what she saw happening to her sick husband, looked at Gonzales and Card as they walked out of the room and stuck her tongue out at them. She had no idea what we were discussing, but this sweet-looking woman sticking out her tongue was the ultimate expression of disapproval. It captured the feeling in the room perfectly."

Presumably after they left the room, Mrs. Ashcroft then gave 'em both birds and burst into a rousing chorus of "Let the Eagle Soar" with altered lyrics to reflect her feelings towards Mr. Gonzales as her husband passed out beside her. [New York Times]


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