John Boehner Biased Toward Fellow Orange-Americans

John Boehner Biased Toward Fellow Orange-Americans

Recent poll results confirm that America's taste-makers, the Ohioans, believe that Congressional Minority Leader John Boehner is"just tooooo fuckin' orange." Why do they believe this? Oh, because they can see, with their buckeyes. Now one of Ohio's libtard groups is using the poll results to their own ends, pointing out that Boehner's push to extend the Bush tax cuts would benefit his own elitist subculture of Orange-Americans -- including the kids from "The Jersey Shore."

The Obamunistic group ProgressOhio explains their class warfareism:

Mike Sorrentino, better known as "The Situation" on MTV's The Jersey Shore, will reportedly earn $5 million this year. ... Under Rep. John Boehner's tax proposal, he would receive a whopping $224,327 tax break... This is 36 times larger than the $6,166 tax cut he'd receive under the current congressional Democratic plan.

The average salary for a Miami County teacher in John Boehner's district is $52,161... Under Boehner's plan, he or she would get a $667 tax cut. If President Barack Obama's Making Work Pay tax credit was extended, the teacher would receive a $1,067 tax cut.

If Boehner gets his way, "the Situation" will receive a tax break about 375 larger than "the Teacher," say the ProgressOhioans and their fancy online abacus. They suggest that this outcome is unfair! But the Situation has made many valuable cultural contributions to America, such as his lines of life-giving chewable supplements and work-out videos. He is also a role model for today's youth, who will forget their teachers' names but will always remember how cool the Situation was.

More about that poll on Boehner's skin: four percent of respondents think Boehner doesn't tan enough! What a country. And while 27% said they didn't like his tan, because of racism, most respondents -- 64% -- said they weren't sure what they thought about it, only that looking at Boehner pix made them hungry for orange-flavored ice cream novelties. [The Upshot/Yahoo/ProgressOhio/Public Policy Polling]


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