John Boehner On GOP Not Getting Their Way On Tax Cuts: 'Chicken Crap'

John Boehner On GOP Not Getting Their Way On Tax Cuts: 'Chicken Crap'

John Boehneris very upset that the Democratic Party is trying to use their majorities in Congress and their presidency to pass a bill that is actually consistent with what they told the voters was their philosophy when they elected them. "I'm trying to catch my breath so I don't refer to this maneuver that's going on today as chicken crap, all right? But this is nonsense!" Boehner, a character in a G-rated animated children's movie, yelped today. Republicans are very upset that Democrats are not allowing them to compromise, as they thought they would. "Compromise," as we all know, is an English word that means "give the Republicans exactly what they want."

More Boehner:

“While we had a good meeting at the White House yesterday about how we’ll resolve the issue of stopping all the tax hikes, the House leaders are going to go down this path of gerrymandering the process so that members only have one option, and that’s to vote on only providing some tax relief to the American people. I think it’s wrong, it does undercut the conversation we had just yesterday,” he told reporters Wednesday evening.

Boehner just cannot get his head around this. A majority party has the gall to pass something that is not to the liking of the minority party? That's not how a democracy works at all!

Republicans want to make all the Bush tax cuts permanent, even for the very wealthy. Their "compromise" is to just extend the tax cuts for a few years. And in a few years, they expect to be the party in power once again, of course. So why won't the Democrats just let them have what they want right now? This is making John Boehner go insane! Making laws is not supposed to be so hard! CHICKEN CRAP!

But don't worry, Democrats will probably give in and make this "compromise" anyway. [WP/The Hill]


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