• Elana Kagan is "okay" as far as Harvard lesbians go, but most Americans would rather have an empathetic Supreme Court Justice, someone who knows deep down inside that ripping bong should be legal. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Get totally pumped for RedState Gathering 2010, because this year it will be held in Austin, Texas -- "rubbing in the noses of the hippies our support for Arizona." Eh, Google Earth it just to make sure, but Austin, Texas, is in Texas? [RedState]

  • John Boehner is a lazy boozesack, according to hundreds of Republican lawmakers interviewed by Joe Scarborough. [Think Progress/Raw Story]

  • A new Rasmussen poll shows that 57% of voters think Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president, but only 30% of voters think she is president. [Weekly Standard]

  • Four cities -- Charlotte, Cleveland, Minneapolis and St. Louis -- are trying to outmaneuver each other to clinch the 2012 Democratic Convention. Will Cleveland throw in LeBron James to sweeten the deal? Only time and political favors will tell. [The Caucus]


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