60 Minutes did this nice story on the history of the dome. It's nice, and informative, but we need to get to the really important bit at the nine-minute mark, where the Great Orange Hope gets teary-eyed at the majesty of the beautify monument to Government By The People. Maybe he's just overawed at the prospect of how much more could be done to thwart getting anything accomplished. Let's join our ideological opposites over at Daily Caller in a brief moment of bipartisan unity, and share a hearty eye-roll at this twit.

For posterity, here's a transcript of the choking-back-tears moment:

Scott Pelley: Do you ever not look up? Do you ever take this for granted?

John Boehner: Never. Listen, for a kid who grew up mopping floors at his dad’s bar, it’s a pretty humbling experience.

Pelley: You’ve come up in the world.

Boehner: Just a little.

Ad astra per aspera, Bucky. There's so much more that you have left to not do.

[60 Minutes via Daily Caller]

Doktor Zoom

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