John Bolton Hates Bush for Listening to a Girl

that condi needs a good mustache rideJohn Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and overall sack of shit, is taking his grievances with American foreign policy to the German press now, and they are quite grievancesy! In an interview with the Fatherland's Spiegel, Bolton claims that Bush's "foreign policy is in free fall" now that he's talking to gross people like Iran and Syria. But John Bolton is John Bolton, and he blames it on that chick at the State department, Rice or whatever, for going all vagina-ish on the Administration's manly sensibilities.

Bolton is cataloging his complaints in a critical new book about the Bush Administration. If his interview with Spiegel is any sort of harbinger for things to come, then the tome is sure to be the must-not-read of the century:

SPIEGEL: Mr. Ambassador, you worked closely with the president and you shared his hawkish views on Iraq. But your new book is fiercely critical of George W. Bush. Why?

Bolton: His foreign policy is in free fall. The president is turning against his own best judgment and instincts under the influence of Secretary (of State Condoleeza) Rice. She is the dominant voice, indeed, almost the only voice on foreign policy in this administration.

SPIEGEL: The popular reading of her looks a bit different. She is presumed to be weak and not particularly efficient.

Bolton: No. Rice is channeling the views of the liberal career bureaucrats in the State Department. The president is focusing all his attention on Iraq and, by doing so, has allowed the secretary to become captured by the State Department. He is not adequately supervising her. It is a mistake.

SPIEGEL: Could it be that your pique really comes from the fact that the president doesn't seem to be listening to neoconservatives like you anymore?

Bolton: The vice president (Vice President Dick Cheney) is still there. But the idea that somehow the neocons were so powerful is a myth -- I mean, it was five or six people, for God sakes. I am not a neoconservative. I am pro-American.

Sorry John, I just don't in any way believe that he is blocking out Dick Cheney. We all know that whatever talky Bush is doing with the A-rabs is merely a ruse before Cheney drops chemical weapons on Damascus, Tehran or Paris.

'Bush's Foreign Policy Is in Free Fall' [Spiegel]


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