John Derbyshire Wonders: What Should We White Supremacists Call Ourselves Today?

John Derbyshire Wonders: What Should We White Supremacists Call Ourselves Today?

Don't cry too hard for poor John Derbyshire, thrust squalling from "the hushed, oak-paneled, Chambers-of-Commerce-financed precincts of Conservatism Inc., whose entrance is now barred against [him] by an angel with a flaming sword." He has now settled easily into the loving embrace of Michelle Malkin andVDare, which is among your more-respectable groups of white supremacists. And what is wrong with white supremacy, wonders John Derbyshire? Isn't it just another corner of conservatism? Indeed! Splain us please?

This isn't because conservatism is hostile to blacks and mestizos. Very much the contrary, especially in the case of Conservatism Inc. They fawn over the occasional nonwhite with a puppyish deference that fairly fogs the air with embarrassment. (Q: What do you call the one black guy at a gathering of 1,000 Republicans? A: "Mr. Chairman.")

Oooh, le SNAP!

Anyway, John Derbyshire is wondering what white supremacists should call themselves to better frame their position that those of European ancestry should be in charge of the world, as worked out so well in the Africkan Colonies. He has settled on "Dissident Right," as opposed to those scared pussies at NRO who make up the Elite GOP Machine. But that sounds fairly Communist to us, and we think we should give him some additional options before he makes his final choice.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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