John Doolittle Has 99 Problems

You crazy for this one, Ron! -WonketteA Talking Points Memo reader recently unearthed a gem of a quote from corrupt FBI target Rep. John Doolittle circa 2004:

A DeLay ally, Rep. John T. Doolittle (R-Calif.), said Republicans "are going to have to respond in kind" by filing ethics charges against key Democrats. From now on, he said in an interview, it's a matter of "you kill my dog, I'll kill your cat."

A charming turn of phrase. Of course, John Doolittle is a fairly square white Republican, so we can understand how it took him until mid-'04 to get turned on to The Black Album:

Now if you shoot my dog, I'm'a kill yo' cat

Just the unwritten laws in rap - know dat

As Rep. Doolittle continues to face charges of corruption and ethics violations, we're reasonably sure he'll continue following the Jay-Z model: retire to the private sector and plan his ultimately disappointing comeback.

(May 04, 2007 -- 06:02 PM EDT) [TPM]

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