John Edwards Also Ruined Hillary Clinton's Life!

Oh goody, we are now at the "blame John Edwards for pretty much everything" stage of the Edwards Was A Baby Mamma scandal. Somehow the mortgage meltdown and the brand-new war in Georgia will turn out to be his fault, but we'll leave it toSam Stein to uncover those crucial links. In the meantime, former Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson has found something else to blame on John Edwards: the implosion of the Clinton candidacy.

The rationale goes something like this: If the world had learned that John Edwards was a vulgar self-regarding horndog before the Iowa caucuses, then two thirds of his voters would have switched to Hillary Clinton. She would have squeaked out of Iowa to triumphant victory in New Hampshire and so on and so forth until she was the nominee. Thus the media's failure to cover this story earlier is yet another example of Sexism against Hillary Clinton.

Of course, then there are "facts" like these: "[Obama campaign] officials never bought the argument that Clinton was the second choice of Edwards voters. Immediately after Edwards dropped out of the race at the end of January, Obama won eleven straight contests in a row."

Wolfson: Edwards' Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination [ABC News]


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