John Edwards' Blog Becomes CUTE Dog Show

edwardsdog.jpgJohn Edwards is always excited to go home and see his Aryan cyborg-children after a hard day on the campaign trail. Rare are the days when he doesn't bring them treats from the local haberdashery -- Christmas figs! Turkish delights! Turkish Silvers! Ah, those Edwards boys love their patriarch. And that love grew twofold recently when Edwards came home with two new puppies, Rufus and Emma Claire! Yesterday, the Edwards team announced the "latest additions" to the family on its campaign blog, opening the door for commenters to post pictures of their new puppies too. Interestingly enough, one of these commenters was Tracy Russo, who writes said campaign blog.

This is Henry, canine companion to Edwards blogger extroadinaire Tracy Russo!:


Tracy Russo officially has the most pwecious dog pix on the Official John Edwards for President of the United States of America Campaign Web Site. She also has the same dog as Larry Craig!:


New Additions! [John Edwards '08 Blog]


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