John Edwards 'Love Child' Has No Daddy Listed On Its Birth Certificate!


I'm alone, baby, I'm alone, You left me nothing, Johnny Sunshine ...Here's some weird news about the already-weird John Edwards baby-mama alleged scandal: The "love child" in question has no daddy listed on the birth certificate! And we can't even dismiss this latest tiny bit of scandal as "tabloid trash" because it comes from Edwards' hometown mainstream media, McClatchy Newspapers' News & Observer.

Rielle Hunter is the gal who met Edwards in a New York bar and then earned $114,000 from his PAC making "webisodes" which all mysteriously vanished from his website when she quit working for him because she wound up pregnant and then his loyal North Carolina aide (who is married with kids) gallantly claimed he was the father and then installed Ms. Hunter (real name: "Rielle Jaya James Druck" or just "Lisa Druck") in lodgings adjoining his own home in a gated North Carolina neighborhood.

Edwards is acting so guilty -- hiding in hotel bathrooms, escaping through the service entrance after a speech in Washington -- that even the Liberal Media is slowly being forced to find out what's going on with Mr. Public Displays of Affection who used to always be kissin' on his saintly wife with cancer, Elizabeth Edwards.

Here's a scan of the birth certificate. (PDF)

And here's what the paper has to say about the baby girl with no known daddy:

The girl was born at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, Calif., to Rielle Jaya James Druck, also known as Rielle Hunter. Hunter, 44, was a videographer on Edwards' presidential campaign last year.

Asked Thursday why no father was listed on the birth certificate, Hunter's attorney, Robert Gordon of New York, said, "A lot of women do that." Reminded that he and Hunter had publicly revealed the father's identity two months earlier to the National Enquirer, Gordon said, "That's a personal matter between them."

Gordon declined to comment further.

Anybody want a 30-minute prime-time spot at the Democratic Convention, probably on Tuesday night? We hear there's an opening.

Also, anybody want to be Poverty Czar for President Obama? Get your resumes in before the rush next week, when the New York Times is finally forced to do a story. Let's hope it's a bit better sourced than that "John McCain screws his lobbyist young-Cindy lookalike on corporate jets," because that story was totally true and look how it still somehow got discredited!

Birth record for child lists no father [News & Observer]


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