John Edwards Still Losing, Kind of a Dick

His dick is perhaps tinyEdwards gave his concession speech, which was basically just him repeating all the same crap he said in Iowa: son-of-a-mill-worker; Nataline's dead; James Lowe can talk; homeless people sleep outdoors; I'm going to fix that. In an effort to stave off the criticism that he was too egotistical in his first (of many) concession speeches, Edwards stole a page from Obama's Iowa speech and told the crowd that it was not about him, but about the "voices that are not heard" in America. He wants to get those silent, imaginary voices heard, because then maybe they'll vote for him.

Also, he's gonna get us universal health coverage; end global warming; eliminate poverty; and bring back crappy manufacturing jobs for all! He fucking owned hope before Barry's crappy book, and is all about "principled actions" now, not just stupid change. And he's staying in it until the convention, jerk offs! Don't be counting Johnny out!


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