He would prefer to spend his time wearing gogglesYou would think that John Edwards would have more respect for the nation's second highest office. After all, he himself was once elected vice president, before Ken Blackwell and voter suppression in Ohio robbed him of the chance to serve as #2 in John Kerry's Thwarted Reign of Glory. However, after all the vice presidency has done for him, John Edwards has pulled down his pants and pissed all over the notion that he'd run as second fiddle to either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

After his keynote speech at CTIA, the annual U.S. wireless industry showcase, Edwards was asked in a question-and-answer session if he would accept the nomination for vice president.

"No," said Edwards, who also declined to say whether he would endorse Clinton or Obama.

This might have a little something to do with Edwards and his wife openly despising both candidates. Or perhaps he is just a terrible ingrate.

John Edwards says would not accept VP nomination [Reuters]


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