Yesterday, Roll Call, whose crack staff is clearly as easily entertained as we are, tracked down the Facebook profile of yet another spawn of the Senate Majority Leader. This is the middle son, Jonathan, who's attending Vanderbilt. The profile, alas, has been deleted permanently. But not before our operatives got their hands on this picture of John Frist:


Makeshift Beer belt/holster: Totally classic. Height of pants: Weird.

Still, Bill's kids all seem quite a bit more popular than their father.

(Also, from Roll Call: "Listed under 'contact info' for that group was the Web site, which doesn't exist, by the way." Any Wonkette Readers want to rectify this? Please?)

Frist on Facebook [Roll Call]

UPDATE: We just got a billion emails explaining the pants. Here's one of them:

Ok, so the pants John Frist are wearing are weird...but...they are actually supposed to be like that as they are pants that match a Confederate battle uniform. Don't ask how I know that. This is not an excuse...just an explanation. Its possible that he is wearing these because he is a Kappa Alpha frat member, which has "Old South" annual party where the boys dress up like Confederate soldiers and the girls wear hoop skirts.

Yeah, the "Old South" was all about lumberjack shirts and Express jeans, wasn't it? Confederate pants! John Frist is pulling a George Allen; he's clearly a WAY better politician than his dad.


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