John Kerry Addicted To Dumb Blackberry Game

'I am a veteran, I fought in a war.' - WonketteWhat does John Kerry do when he's trapped in First Class for several hours and tragically unable to issue statements on legislation, global warming, things Don Imus said and the new 1/3-pound Angus McBurger?

He sleeps for a while, mouth open, and then he spends three hours furiously playing some little game on his Blackberry. Eyewitness and fellow passenger "Cameron" reports:

Although he had a legal journal in his hand when he sat down, which by the way was completely filled from top to bottom with very beautiful penmanship, he never did any work during the trip and left it in the seat back flap. Instead, he chose to spend nearly 3 hours on his Blackberry playing a video game. I don't have a Blackberry so I don't know the game he was playing but it had a sort of paddle like in the game of Pong and you have to knock out bricks with the ball. As you get closer to knocking out all the bricks, the game speeds up. Now here's the funny part... As the game sped up, the Senator got really into it and his body would jerk as he was trying to make the right moves. His leg even bumped into mine a few times during some of the more intense moments. I just thought that was so funny. Here's the guy that I voted for President of the United States sitting next to me totally engrossed in a video game and bumping me in the process.
A question for you Crackberry customers: What game is this? Do Blackberries have a "Swift Boat Pong" sorta deal? Answer in the comments!

Sen John Kerry: At risk for CrackBerry Thumb? [SF Metroblogging]


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