John Kerry And John McCain No Longer Super Good Pals

Just four short years ago, John Kerry loved John McCain so much he repeatedly implored the angry little fraud to be his running mate in his ultimately failed bid for president. And John McCain said no, because he wanted to lose on his own, four years later! This caused irreparable damage to their wonderful fairytale friendship.

Little-known fact: both John Kerry and John McCain fought in the Vietnam War. But when they came back from the war, the Democratic John called a bunch of soldiers war criminals while the Republican John smoked valiantly in a chair and stayed in the Navy.

Later on, they became pals, but then the 2004 election happened and John McCain told everybody in the press, "Ha ha, this jackhole wants to make me his Veep," and then McCain commenced selling out to the conservatives who still hate him, and now the two Johns do not hang out with each other very much.

And John Kerry said John McCain was "unbelievably out of touch" and "confused" when he talked about not being in any big hurry to pull troops out of Iraq. John McCain wants his friendship bracelet and his Flowbee back.

Close Kerry-McCain Kinship Has Dissolved Since 2004 [Washington Post]


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