John Kerry Disappoints Yet Again

Late breaking news release from Kerry's press office:

John Kerry is expected to speak on the Senate floor at approximately 11:50 this morning on his support for stem cell research. He'll be accompanied by Beth Kolbe, an intern in his D.C. office--

We, naturally, turned on C-Span immediately. Maybe the intern's cute! Also, why does he need "accompaniment"? Will she be playing a little mood music behind his speech?

kerrynointern.jpgThis is what we saw:

First off -- where's Beth? Secondly -- that suit does not work. John, you look like you're getting ready to order the Early Bird Special somewhere in Palm Springs. With your complexion, you really ought to stick to dark colors -- or a pearl gray sort of thing, which would be nice with the hair.

We were hoping the intern would be doing something like this:

Marlene Strege, with her 7-year-old daughter, who was adopted as an embryo, displayed a drawing by the girl of an embryo asking, "Are you going to kill me?"

Now that's entertainment. Anyone have that picture?

Stem Cell Debate Wedges Bush Between a Rock and a Hard Place [WP]


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