John Kerry, Grateful Servant

Never let it be said that John Kerry doesn't remember the little people. After the campaign was over, he sent an email to all his staff and volunteers saying that he and Teresa wanted to "[t]hank you for your remarkable work and dedication...You did not do this for the money (which was minimal) or the perks (which, aside from the occasional motorcade ride through rush-hour traffic, were slim)." And this wasn't just lip service. As Kerry wrote, "I'd like to be helpful to those of you who could use assistance." Of course, he sent the email yesterday. But that makes him especially generous: It's been six months since the election and everyone's unemployment  benefits have probably run out.

John Kerry: He remembers the little people, he just needs a little time.

Full email after the jump.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------

Subject: Thank You

From: "John Kerry"

Date: Thu, June 2, 2005 12:57 pm



Dear XXXX,

Over the past several months, I have had the privilege of thanking thousands of people who supported my campaign. Although Teresa and I have already spoken and corresponded with so many of you, we particularly want you, former members of our campaign team, to know how grateful we are for your extraordinary effort during the 2004 campaign. Thank you for your remarkable work and dedication, and thank you for your commitment to fighting for America. With your help, we made enormous progress in 2004, and we promoted the ideas and ideals that are critical to America's future.

I have had an extraordinary opportunity to meet people across the country, to hear about their hopes and dreams, and to witness their passion and commitment to our great nation. I will never forget them and their aspirations, and I will never forget you and all that you did to advance their cause.

Whether you toiled with me during the cold Iowa and New Hampshire winters, pitched stories from the campaign headquarters, raised money, worked in a field office, advanced events, developed policy, answered the phones, or carried out any other of the countless important tasks during those long workdays, you were the heart and soul of our effort. You did not do this for the money (which was minimal) or the perks (which, aside from the occasional motorcade ride through rush-hour traffic, were slim). You joined Teresa and me on this journey because you shared our belief that America is not living up to its promise. You care deeply about America, and you know we can do better.

We have much morework to do. In the weeks ahead, I will continue to write to you about the challenges and opportunities we face as a country and how we can address and seize them. I will share my plans for joining with many of you in supporting Democratic candidates in key races in 2005-2006. But now, I wish to hear from you.

I know that many of you have found employment, decided to return to school to advance your studies, and pursued other worthwhile endeavors. I also know that some of you are still in the process of determining what to do next professionally. I'd like to be helpful to those of you who could use assistance. I've created a page at my website for those of you who worked on my campaign staff this past cycle. Please use the website to let me know what you're doing, and please note whether there is any way I or someone on my current staff might be helpful to you as you search for new opportunities.

Please visit today, and don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance. I've set up an email address, XXXXXXXXXXXX, which our team will read and respond to promptly.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for your invaluable contribution to my campaign and to our democracy. I promise that I will continue to fight every day and make you proud to have been a part of my team.

Best wishes,

John Kerry


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