Just cold checking out some boobs.Political pundit people have been enjoying the idea that Mitt Romney has a "John Kerry problem." After all, both Romney and Kerry are rich white establishment politicians -- just like most politicians, on Earth. Political pundits love easy comparisons like that. But John Kerry took a break from whatever he does these days to say he's met John Kerry, and Mitt Romney is no John Kerry. "I didn't have trouble connecting," Kerry said at some elitist New York speaking engagement. "I almost won the presidency." Mitt Romney couldn't even win Iowa, jeez!

It is true that both Mitt Romney and John Kerry are wooden gazillionaire Massachusetts liberal plutocrats, and it is true that neither of them has ever won a presidential election, and neither of them will ever be president of America or any other country.

But beyond that, Kerry is right to say that while people didn't love him, nobody can even stand Romney, because Romney is such a creepy phony "dad-roid." [BuzzFeed]


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