John Kerry Plots Hitchcockian National Landmark-Murder

There's gonna be some day on Wonkette where every post is illustrated with this and the "TESTED BY FIRE" pictures. And the siren. (AP)

NBC's "First Read" (isn't that cute? They have their own Note! But it's readable and informative, so it'll never take off) asked a number of presumptive '08 candidates where they'd take a world leader on his or her super-fun American vacation. Most of the answers: Boring. (Russ Feingold would take Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to Madison, Wisconsin. Where she's already been.) But look who's making a funny!

2004 Democratic presidential nominee and Sen. John Kerry: "I'm sure I'd get in trouble if I said I'd take Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Grand Canyon and push, but man would that exorcise some '04 campaign demon."

Ha ha, John, you think a mere 4,000 foot fall could crush Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Look at him, he's got GIANT ROBOT BIRDS to swoop down and carry him safely back to Iran. Anyway, all of them know secretly that whatever place they pick, they'd want to go there with Prime Minister Koizumi, the cutest and most fun of world leaders.

First Read: What Defines an American? [MSNBC]


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