John McCain And Harriet Christian Fall In Love!

So that's John McCain on the left, you knew that, but who is that "elderly American woman" wearing the sunglasses indoors while posing for a photo? That's Harriet Christian, the famous Hillary Clinton diehard whothrew a fit at the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee over its perceived bias towards the Democrats' "inadequate black male" of a nominee, which landed her a Fox News appearance during which she said black people don't even know why they voted for Obama. And now she will protest-vote for John McCain, who hosted a party for bitter Hilltards like Christian at his campaign headquarters over the weekend. They may look like a happy pair now, but soon enough she'll be making wisecracks about his withering hair, and he'll respond with a wisecrack of his own. [Via Kevin K. at Rumproast]


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