John McCain Back To Libya; Doesn't Meet With Gaddafi This Time

John McCain Back To Libya; Doesn't Meet With Gaddafi This Time

According to the Obama administration, there are no American "boots" on the ground in Libya. But there are American orthopedic dress shows on the ground in Libya. John McCain latched onto one of our predator drones and parachuteddown into the country Friday because he loves U.S. intervention in foreign wars so much he had to go see this one for himself. The last time he was there, Walnuts hung out with Muammar Gaddafi. But since a war started, McCain suddenly no longer likes this dictator, and spent his time meeting with the rebel troops instead. Yes, the rebel troops with whom the U.S. is supposed to have no coordination.

Go to 1:35 in this video to see McCain talk about the rebels:

McCain has to think for a second to remember which side of the struggle he's currently on. "Oh, the opposition," the old man thinks. "Right. That's why I'm here. Not to meet with Gaddafi again."

The reason President Obama said we are in Libya is to protect civilians, not ally with the rebels in this civil war. Is that still what we're supposedly doing there, and has John McCain broken with that by meeting with the troops? Who knows. Nobody's paying attention to Obama's war anymore. [Guardian]


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