John McCain Begs Communist Russians For Illegal Money, Maybe


Since Barack Obama has a full 137.99% of the entire world's supply of dollars, John McCain now finds himself at a financial disadvantage! He's stuck with a pauper's sum of $84 million in [*aristocratic shudder*] "public" funds, which is what Joe the Plumber makes in one hour. In other words, John McCain now knows what it's like to be a Welfare Queen, and it's not as fun as Ronald Reagan made it out to be. What's a broke presidential nominee to do when he can't legally raise funds for his campaign, accept private donations above $2,300, or accept donations from foreigners? Answer: raise funds for his campaign by asking Russians to privately donate $5,000 sums which he will accept. Do loopholes justify this? Eh, maybe, but when you get caught doing this sort of thing it's safer to just call it a mistake.

That's what the McCain campaign has apparently been doing, illegally sending fundraising letters to illegal Russian donors asking them for illegal amounts of money. And they were going to get away with it until the Russians TATTLED ON THEM to the PRINCIPAL:

The Russian mission to the UN in New York says it has turned down a request from John McCain to help fund his presidential campaign.

Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin and others received standard mail-outs asking them to help "stop the Democrats from seizing control of Washington".


Ruslan Bakhtin, a spokesman for Russia's UN mission, said: "It's evident that [the letter] was a mistake. It happens."

But he also stressed: "Russian authorities are in no way engaged in funding political campaigns or political activities abroad."

The McCain campaign also calls this a mistake -- "a computer glitch" -- which it obviously is. Because those damnable robot computers, as we all know, are always sending out personal letters, addressed in name to powerful world officials, that are signed by John McCain.

Russians reject McCain cash plea [BBC]

Russian UN Mission Gets Letter From McCain Seeking Campaign Cash [Russian News & Information Agency]


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