John McCain Betrayed By Fellow Republicans

John McCain Betrayed By Fellow Republicans

You know what John McCain hates, even more than trollops and socialism? EARMARKS, which generally constitute a very small amount of any budget bill. Yesterday hethrew a fit on the Senate floor about how Barack Obama did not hate earmarks enough, and then he introduced an amendment to banish all earmarks from the government funding bill now making its way through Congress. That amendment failed, of course.

Earmarks make up a whole $7.7 billion worth of the $410 billion omnibus spending bill. Why, that's 1.9 percent of the total! WASTEY, WASTEY.

Eight Republicans, seven of whom sit on the Senate Appropriations Committee and who have been terribly corrupted by the seduction powers of earmarks, voted against the McCain amendment.

And this, in a nutshell, is why Meghan McCain can't get laid.

McCain earmarks amendment fails [First Read]


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