Quilters heart McCainInstead of barnstorming Pennsylvania today like all the other Democrats in the race, John McCain will take the devil-may-care approach of campaigning in Ohio, a state that voted like a million years ago. Yesterday he visited Selma, Alabama in his "tour of cities that Time forgot," and hugged the charming quilters pictured above before racing off to another state that isn't voting today. Join us as we cover the last two days of John McCain courting the Blue Collars, the black folks, and other crucial pillars of the Party of Wall Street.

In Selma, McCain addressed a crowd of 100, featuring maybe a dozen black people who all support Barack Obama. Now today in Youngstown, McCain visits a selection of downtrodden metal workers whose loving images will be recorded in sepia-toned daguerrotypes, the way God intended. Meanwhile the bitter voters of Ohio feast on their possum stew and cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, but John McCain doesn't care because It's Time For Action.

In Selma, McCain Recalls Civil Rights March [ABC News]

It's Time For Action Tour [John McCain 2008]


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