John McCain, Closet Bigamist?

Everybody knows the sad story about how John McCaincatted around on his crippled wife with a fetching young beer heiress. But now it appears he was actually sort of married to both Mrs. McCains at the same time, in the sense that he had a marriage license with #2 before his divorce to #1 had been finalized! Why does John McCain hate America?

John McCain was such an amoral dingus back in the day that even the Reagans held it against him.

John McCain, who calls himself "a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution," said in his memoir: "My divorce from Carol, whom the Reagans loved, caused a change in our relationship. Nancy . . . was particularly upset with me and treated me on the few occasions we encountered each other after I came to Congress with a cool correctness that made her displeasure clear.

"I had, of course, deserved the change in our relationship."

Correction: John McCain does not hate America. He is a fleet-footed American hero romancer who probably already has like six marriage licenses lined up for his next string of brides.

McCain was still married to his wife when he got married to his mistress [AMERICAblog]

McCain's broken marriage and fractured Reagan friendship [Los Angeles Times]


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