John McCain Gets All Mad At The POLITICO


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The POLITICO did something fun and funny today: they asked John McCain to elaborate on his famous recent assertion, "I never considered myself a maverick." How would John McCain react? Would he get Visibly Irritated? (This has nothing to do with the video above. Sometimes your Wonkette just likes to revisit Actual Pinnacles of Comedy, especially with Ol' Walnuts.)

John McCain — who built his political persona and his 2008 presidential campaign around the claim that he’s a “maverick” — told Newsweek recently: “I never considered myself a maverick.”

When POLITICO asked McCain about the contradiction at the Capitol this week, the Arizona Republican grew visibly irritated and snapped: “I’ve been called a thousand things. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

He said 48 percent of the homeowners in his state are underwater on their mortgages. He said he’s always “done what’s best for my state and the nation.” Then he said it again, adding, “People can consider me whatever they want.”

And then he darted into the Senate chamber without explaining himself further.

We can consider him whatever we want? Finally!

John McCain is a Dragon.



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