John McCain Is Senate's Leading User of Senate Online Marketing

John McCain Is Senate's Leading User of Senate Online Marketing

John McCain has been called many things during his endless Washington career -- "craven," "shameless," "amoral," "stupid," "drug addled," "world's worst pilot" and "completely full of shit" -- but until this week nobody has ever used the word "genius" to describe ol' Walnuts. Now, some bored professors somewhere have ranked all 100 senators' use of social media garbage such as the Facebook and the Twitter, and Juan "wins" with "digital IQ of 156." He's not at the bottom ofthis class!

Somebody at writes:

The score is derived from a combination of metrics culled from each senator's activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, political blogs and their own congressional website. Republican Sens. Jim DeMint and Scott Brown took a close second and third behind McCain, with Sen. Al Franken -- the Senate's most social media-savvy Democrat–coming in at number four.

McCain's digital IQ of 156 was enough for researchers to classify him as a "genius." DeMint, Brown and Franken are also in the genius category, with IQs of 154, 152 and 143.

Uh, by "activity" on "political blogs," are these professors talking about mentions on political blogs? Because McCain is mentioned all the time on this particular political blog on the Internet, which is also on the Twitter and the Facebook, and we can say with some assurance that John McCain (if he even knows what a blog is) would probably rather not be mentioned quite so often on your Wonkette.

If, by chance, he had any idea of what a website is -- other than "something Meghan does instead of having a job or a husband" -- we are also fairly confident he'd rather not be on any political blogs, as McCain is equally loathed by liberals, conservatives and the people of his alleged "home state," Arizona. [CNN via Wonkette commenter JohnnyZhivago]


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