John McCain Looked at the Computer!

It's time to stop with all this "John McCain is from the 18th Century" nonsense, because the GOP nominee-to-be has now seen a computer and is quickly catching up with all the exciting technological developments of the past 45 years.

McCain was asked by the New York Times if he actually looked at websites. He said his staffers showed him things on the computer, such as Drudge Report and Politico. His wife then yelled at him, during the interview, because he didn't mention his daughter Meghan's weird blog.

Asked if he could actually make the computer show him a website, McCain said:

They go on for me. I am learning to get online myself, and I will have that down fairly soon, getting on myself.

Note that this is 2008, and "getting online" consists of simply looking at a computer, because computers are online all the time -- we are a decade or so past the era of setting up the computer to make a phone call through a modem.

But let's be positive and applaud John McCain's brave efforts to learn to get online, all by himself, "fairly soon." Then he can start surfin' for PR0N.

The Times Interviews John McCain [NYT]

John McCain Goes Online [Politico]


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