John McCain Pretty Much Just Criticizing Wounded Troops Now

John McCain Pretty Much Just Criticizing Wounded Troops Now

Rapidly decomposing statesman John McCain is still super annoyed about the DADT repeal, so much so that hehas had little fits all over the place for Dana Milbank to witness. "Today's a very sad day. The commandant of the United States Marine Corps says when your life hangs on the line, you don't want anything distracting," McCain said, ramping up his best Miss Teen South Carolina impression. "I don't want to permit that opportunity to happen and I'll tell you why. You go up to Bethesda Naval Hospital, Marines are up there with no legs, none. You've got Marines at Walter Reed with no limbs." So those torsos at Walter Reed got their limbs blown off because they were distracted, whereas troops who still have their appendages have kept a constant watch on military stuff? Interesting.

That was the end of McCain's comment, according to Milbank.

John McCain is out to save lives. And he should start by finding out whatever it is that distracted these Walter Reed fellows so he can ban it. It couldn't have been gay stuff. So what was it? Have the Taliban infiltrated American camps with a Shiba Inu puppy cam?

It certainly couldn't be straight soldiers thinking about straight sex. In the course of history, men have never been distracted by the thought of having sex with a woman -- only by the thought of two guys getting it on in private together.

Obviously we also need to stop recruiting young people who are so easily distracted. These lazy Walter Reed disability queens are robbing the government of limb-possessing taxpayers' hard-earned money. [WP]


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