John McCain Throws Ted Stevens Under The Bus

John McCain Throws Ted Stevens Under The Bus

John McCain does not believe Earmark Welfare Queen Ted Stevens should be running for Senate re-election anymore, now that he has been convicted by a jury of being a terrible fraud. Yesterday Stevens was found guilty of making false statements regarding the free sex dungeon a contractor built for him and his wife in Nowheresville, Alaska. And today John McCain pitched Ted Stevens' corrupt, embittered old carcass under the bus.

He called on Ted Stevens to step down because he was convicted of a mere SEVEN FELONIES. Sarah Palin said it was a very sad day for Alaska, and she trusted Senator Stevens to do "the right thing" for the state -- which is to say, appropriate $3 billion in federal highway funds for buildin' a giant Zamboni to make the entire town of Wasilla into a nice skatin' pond. (And then resign.)

Ted Stevens of course told everybody to cram it.

McCain calls on convicted senator to step down [Political Ticker]

Palin on Stevens’ Conviction: “It’s a Sad Day for Alaska” [FOX News]


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