John McCain's Brother Cussed Out 911!


[youtube expand=1]

Terrible seething venomous rage runs in the McCain family, it appears. Whereas a normal person sitting in a traffic jam would say, "man, this sucks," John McCain's brother Joe calls 911 to complain and then says "fuck you" to the operator who is confused about why he's calling an emergency hotline about a common everyday occurrence.

Several fantastic points about this story: the operator called him back, and of course got his voicemail, which said something to the effect of, "I am John McCain's brother doing very important things right now," (like calling 911 to bitch about traffic). And then he called 911, AGAIN, to complain, AGAIN.

The most wonderful thing, however, is how much Joe McCain sounds exactly like John McCain on the phone.

Joe McCain calls 911 about a traffic jam [YouTube]


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