John McCain's EPIC New Ad Loves Barack Obama!

[youtube expand=1]

Oh man, this ad is so much better than "Celeb." While that last one was creepy, this one is funny (or rather, "less creepy"), and expensive-looking, and has an upbeat soundtrack, and says all sorts of nice things about Barack Obama! Also, McCain *finally* admits that Barack Obama freed the Jews from Egypt back when he was a state senator in Illinois.

We don't get it. Where's the attack? Probably he's trying to tell the Fundies that voting for Barack Obama is like worshiping the golden calf false idol. Same message for the Florida Jews. Oh God, so it actually is just as creepy as the Britney Spears ad.

Now here's a thing, check out this Satirical still of the yellow, "heavenly" horizons that appear throughout the video:

And compare to this very not Satirical, and widely mocked, poster that John McCain has been selling in his famous Online Store:

So is McCain secretly making fun of himself here? Of course, because that's all he ever does, and he doesn't even know it.

The Bitters must be so fucking confused.

The One [YouTube]


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