John McCain's Glorious Town Hall Truth-Talk Stacked With Minions

John McCain's Glorious Town Hall Truth-Talk Stacked With Minions

As everybody in America knows, John McCainloves holding town hall events where he doesn't have to read out loud to an audience, and nobody can see that he is six inches shorter than the podium. In these town halls he offers "straight talk you can believe in," like "I am a nasty old bastard who will bomb Iran my first day in office, then take a nap." So how did the John McCain's awesome town hall go last night?

Enh, not so good. You see, Fox News anchor and angry Secret Democrat Shepherd Smith told everybody watching the deal on the teevee that the live audience was full of McCain supporters. The audience was so retardedly stacked that even Fox News wrote about it later:

The McCain campaign said it was taking random questions from the audience of about 200 people. But the questions and mood were decidedly favorable, as his jabs at Obama were frequently interrupted by applause.

One questioner praised his military service; another called him a “hero.”

The campaign later issued a statement saying it distributed tickets to “supporters, Mayor Bloomberg, and other independent groups.”

Question: Why does Fox News hate America?

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