John McCain's Hilariously Canned One-Liner About Barack Obama And Jimmy Carter!

John McCain enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a charismatic, maverick jokester with a devastating wit. Plus, he likes Ernest Hemingway, so he knows good writin'! So it's no surprise that, a minute and a half into an interview with Brian Williams, he would bust out with a fantastic bit of silver tonguery about Barack Obama being the second coming of Jimmy Carter -- and then laugh uncomfortably at his own joke while Brian Williams asks, "Why do you say that?" See the excruciating footage after the jump.

You see, Barack Obama likes sweater vests, just like Jimmy Carter. Obama was also once a southern peanut farmer with lust in his heart. That was before the Muslims taught him about hate and fisting, though.

One-on-one with John McCain [NBC Nightly News]


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