John Oliver Has Weird Idea That 'Equal Pay' Should Mean Men And Women Get Paid The Same (Video)


That wacky immigrant John Oliver went on vacation, but he also left behind some videos! On Monday, Last Week Tonight posted this look at gender inequality in the workplace, and in just seven minutes, takes down a lot of the dumb excuses made for it. To the claim that the pay gap between men and women isn't really 77 cents on the dollar, Oliver offers this simple and effective analogy: "If someone takes a dump on my desk, the size of the dump is not the issue."

Enjoy a good rant. There's even a mention of our favorite monkey video about how easy it should be to think about fair pay (No, it does not involve John Boehner).

[Last Night Tonight via Truthdig via tip from Wonkette Operative FZsdaughter]

Doktor Zoom

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