John Oliver Now Doing Entire Segments For Andrew Sullivan

John Oliver Now Doing Entire Segments For Andrew Sullivan

John Oliver got around to some pretty important stuff last night, if you are Andrew Sullivan. That important stuff was "native advertising," also known by its old name, "advertorials," which have been around since Steve Guttenberg invented the printing press.

Now, we know we are a little bit biased about this, because Wonkette is one of those "news" sites (hahahaha, go with it) that has one person doing both editing and publishing (that is, me), so we could totally be all "YEAH MURDER THE CHINESE WALL between advertising and editorial," and "let's give a blowjob to the D-Triple-C because they are going to be advertising with us any minute!" if we sucked. Sadly, we don't suck, or we would be boning cabin boys in Aruba while sipping the finest Courvoisier.

Still, Oliver's calling out the Chevron "native advertisement" in the NYT was pretty fuckin' sweet. He missed this one though, from the Denver Post. Oliver, like your former compatriots Stewart and Colbert, you should really be reading the wonk for your research.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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