John Oliver Reviews Every 4th Of July Fireworks Show In America (Video)


nothing says 'dignified' like a man in a suit imitating fireworksLast Week Tonight was off this weekend for Independence Day, or as they call it where John Oliver is from, "The Day of Colonial Aggression." To make up for it, Oliver pre-recorded a brief tribute to every fireworks show in America, forever, explaining that in America we have a natural love for fireworks, since "they're like sparkly guns you can shoot at the sky." From his description of the frustrations of parking to the pointless applause for the fireworks as if we expected them to take a bow, Mr. Oliver has clearly proven his fitness to keep his green card. Oliver's favorite fireworks are the ones that shoot off, travel a ways, and then unexpectedly go off in a furious detonation. "I love a slow explosion," he says. "It reminds me of watching video of John McCain over time."


Doktor Zoom

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