John Yoo Is America's Most Painful Anal Fissure


  • A brilliant graduate student has compiled thousands of shocking photographs from North Korea, after visiting the country on Google Earth. How did we not know about North Korea's trees and hills and stuff, which according to these photographs are practically everywhere, and how much longer before they're auctioned off to the highest terrorist-bidder? [HuffPost]
  • TIME Magazine's Eunuch of the Year John Yoo will testify in court about how he purposely pees the bed every night. It's true, John Yoo can't sleep comfortably unless he's covered in his own urine, and he really needs his rest because his Circadian rhythm is super sensitive to sleep deprivation. Good luck in court, John! [Think Progress]
  • The Left loves Racial Profiling because they both adore Belle & Sebastian and have so many hilarious inside jokes that you just wouldn't get and when they're at work, they call each other every half hour. They are in love and every night they snuggle on the beach until the tide carries them away. And just because you can't understand it, RedState -- that doesn't mean it's not real. Because it is and it's beautiful. [RedState]
  • The Jews have ruined Ahmadinejad's landslide victory by using Twitter to expose his terrible regime. Please appreciate this: "@BabakMehrabani is saying that he was beaten by a baton and his right hand is numb. He is twitting with the left hand." [The Daily Dish]

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